Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman

13138736Genre: Sci-fi, romance, YA
2.5 stars.

The only reason this book did not receive a lower score from me is that I still found Lilac and Tarver’s story moving. But that’s about it. The first book was a decent read, so much in fact that I actually read it twice. But the love stories in the second and third books were completely unbelievable and almost unreadable. I feel like the first book used up all the creativity these authors had for creating believable characters and romance, and then they fell back on insanely overused tropes in a completely uncompelling way. The whispers are an intriguing idea, and if it weren’t for the cringe worthy romances that these books hinge on, it might have made for a half decent plot. So, thumbs up to Tarver and Lilac, but I could care less for Flynn, Lee, Gideon, and Sofia.


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