Book Con 2017 Book Haul/TBR

Wow. I spent this past weekend at Book Con in NYC and as a first timer I was completely overwhelmed. But it was also SO MUCH FUN. I wasn’t expecting the sheer amount of people, of insanity, of waiting in line, or the plethora of FREE ARC’s I was privy too. Not only that, but the connections you make with other readers, with other aspiring authors, and, as a blogger, with publicists was beyond my wildest dreams. I drove down to NYC from Michigan with Sierra of Quest Reviews and Laura of Laura Luna Books and we had an absolute blast finding other people like us. So, there will be a more comprehensive post on Book Con sometime in the next week, but for now I wanted to focus on the incredible haul I acquired in the two days of Book Con.



FOURTEEN BOOKS. I ended up with fourteen books. Eleven of them were free ARC scores and three of them were books I purchased for author signings. I know it’s not quite as impressive as some people who received 40+ free books, but I think I did pretty well for my first book con and really not understanding almost anything that was happening.

Hands down the single most proud moment of my Book Con was my sheer dumb luck acquisition of Maggie Stiefvater’s All the Crooked Saints. This was one of the most sought after books this year and I had written it off as a book I would probably not be able to get my hands on. Tickets for her signing booth were sold out almost instantly. I had wandered over toward Harlequin Teen, hoping I would be able to get in line for their free book giveaway at noon, but the line had just been capped by the time I arrived. Dejected, I wandered toward the back of the room, where I came upon the Maggie Stiefvater signing area. There were no people in the room, just the authors sitting at the tables, so I asked the woman in charge if I was allowed to go in. She shrugged and waved me through. I was able to meet Maggie Stiefvater and receive a SIGNED copy of All the Crooked Saints WITHOUT WAITING IN LINE. It was the single most dumb luck moment of my book con and I suddenly became the envy of everyone I met. And because there was no one behind me in line, I was able to spend a few minutes talking to Maggie about writing. I told her I had written three novels and they all sucked. She responded: “Eventually your writing will pass the threshhold of suck into good. So keep at it.” I LOVED that she didn’t say “oh, no I’m sure they’re great” like most people do. She, as a writer, understood, and I will cherish those words for a long time.

So, now All the Crooked Saints is on my TBR list. Since returning home I have started Kristin Cashore’s new book Jane, Unlimited (which Sierra and I waited faithfully in line for), so expect a review on that sometime in the future.

Other ARCs I received at Book Con and intend to read imminently include All the Crooked Saints, House of Shadows by Nicola Cormack (Historical Fiction), The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano (I waited patiently for an hour for this book), and Gunslinger Girl by Lynsay Ely. I was also blessed to meet the wonderful Megan Whalen Turner and purchase her new book, Thick as Thieves, and have it signed. So expect that ASAP as well.

There is a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks reading-wise, but I am starting a new, full-time job on Monday, so we will see how well I can sustain my reading.  productivity because of it.


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