Webcomic List

I have been reading webcomics since I was 12-years-old and discovered their existence. As an added bonus, here are all my favorites if you ever need something book-like but not an actual book. My tastes in books apply to my webcomic list as well. Some of these are complete, some of them are on-going, and at least one of them, I know, is on indefinite hiatus. I’ve marked which ones are completed if you don’t want to be left hanging.

1. Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton (complete)
PG for mild violence – Epic fantasy, coming of age

2. Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton (complete)
PG-13 for violence and brief sensuality – Fantasy

3. Red String by Gina Biggs (complete)

PG-13 for mature content and sensuality – Japanese high school drama

4. Earthsong by Crystal Yates (complete)

PG for violence – Fantasy

5. The Dreamer by Laura Innes

PG for war scenes – Historical, Revolutionary war, elements of fantasy

6. Lackadaisy by Tracy J. Butler

PG-13 for violence – Historical, Roaring 20s, cats, some of the best art you will ever see

7. Red Moon Rising by Rose Louhran

PG-13 for violence – steampunk, fantasy, post-apocalyptic

8. Marry Me by Bobby Crosby and Remy Mokhtar (complete) – PG-13 for sensuality and sexual references – present day, romance

9. Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis (complete) – PG for violence – humor, vampires, werewolves, parody

10. Plume by K. Lynn Smith

PG for violence – Wild West, fantasy, humor

11. Dovecote Crest (some story lines complete) by Hailey Bachrach and Bridget Underwood

PG for war scenes – Civil War reenactment, romance

12. Directions of Destiny by Hans Tseng

PG for violence – fantasy, Japanese high school

13. Erstwhile by Gina Biggs, Louise Roy, and Elle Skinner

PG for mature situations – fairy-tale retellings


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