Top Ten Things that will make me want to read a book

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Top ten things that make me immediately want to read a book has turned into top nine things, but I figured that was close enough. Read below to get a better idea of what my reading tastes tend toward.

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Top Ten Unique Books I’ve Read

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday covers the most unique books I’ve ever read. Or, if we are choosing to be nit-picky with grammar, Top Ten Unique Books I have read, as “unique” cannot be modified by words like “most” and “very” since it already implies something that is singular, standing alone in it’s style or category.

Grammar aside, this list seems like a tall order and one that can be broadly interpreted. Does that mean top ten strangest books that I’ve read? Did I have to like the book? Is unique a good or a bad thing? I think I finally decided to boil it down to most unique books in terms of concept and/or characterization in books I’ve read in the past 3-4 years. So here we go. Continue reading

Booking Through Thursday: 5 required reading books I loved

Booking Through Thursday posts a weekly bookish question to respond to in a blog post.


This week’s question: What books were you required to read that you ended up loving?

As an English Literature major in college, I had a lot of required reading. As an English Literature major, I also enjoyed a large amount of them, but I chose a few of the more surprising ones. Continue reading

January-March 2017 Recap

monthly recap

Since this is the first month I’m running my blog for real, I will do a recap for January-March 2017.

January: 5 books
February: 7 books
March: 7 books

I have read some very good books, some rather strange books, and some not so good books in the past three months. Here I will outline my top reads for each month as well as links to their reviews (if I posted one). Continue reading

Top Ten Books I Read in One Sitting

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I was supposed to cover “top ten books I’ve read in one sitting” in this post, but it rapidly downgraded into a list of “some books I happened to read in one sitting” since they range from excellent, life changing reads to mind-numbingly terrible books. The common factor appears to be that I was trapped in some sort of enclosed space at the time that I happened to be reading that book with little else to do. Without further ado, I present the Top Ten Books I Read in One Sitting, or Some Books I Happened to Read in One Sitting. Continue reading